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CareerDecember 12, 2018

How to write an effective cover letter

In my previous post, I provided tips and techniques on how to write a resume for the Canadian job market. Now, I am going to take us a step further and share my experiences in writing cover letters. In a majority of situations, while applying for a job, candidates are […]

CareerDecember 3, 2018

How to write a resume for the Canadian job market

For most newcomers in Canada, one of the top priorities is to find a job in the field of their choice. In this article, I will review my best practices for resume writing, which is one of the first steps in finding your dream job. With this post, my objective […]

CareerDecember 3, 2018

Gaurav Agarwal: Creating my own opportunities for a better life

Contributor: Gaurav Agarwal Account Manager, Business and Commercial Banking, RBC Uprooting your life and deciding to immigrate to Canada is not an easy decision, but the prospects of a better life for my family, coupled with  excitement to work in North American markets, made that decision easier for me and […]

CareerNovember 26, 2018

How to build your network: The coffee interview

by Nerissa Fernandes After deep-diving into understanding networking better and getting a grasp on how to build a network successfully, let’s explore the basics of coffee interviews. “Coffee interviews” or “informational interviews” are a very popular concept in Canada. It makes most newcomers nervous as they’re not used to it. But […]

CareerNovember 23, 2018

Where to build your network in Canada

by Nerissa Fernandes In How to build your network (Part 1) we covered the basics of networking. In this blog, let’s dive deeper into how to start building your network and explore the various channels for networking. Online networking vs offline networking Networking can happen both, in online and offline environments […]

CareerNovember 16, 2018

How to build your network in Canada: The basics

by Nerissa Fernandes Most newcomers that land in Canada and start their job search often hear the word “networking” and are told that it’s vital in securing a job. However, not many immigrants are fully aware of what ‘networking’ actually entails and what are the various positive outcomes from networking. In […]

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