Articles and resources on finding a career in Canada.

Finding a Job in Canada Webinar

Watch the Webinar Duration: 1 Hour As a newcomer to Canada, finding a job in your field is a key milestone in your journey. The job market in Canada may be different from what you’re used to back home, and for many newcomers, the job search process can [...]

CareerJanuary 8, 2021

Changing countries and careers: writing a new chapter in Canada

From an interview with Nerissa Fernandes.   Before coming to Canada from India in 2018, Nerissa had a successful career in business research and strategy consulting. She built and led a team while working with global clients in the eLearning, pharmaceutical, medtech, biotech, retail, and telecom industries. She also wrote [...]

Twenty-one newcomer tips for 2021

To say the year 2020 has been difficult would be an understatement. COVID-19 changed everything for virtually everyone. The way we work, the way we communicate, and the way we live have all been turned upside down. Many newcomers landed in Canada at a time when finding a job or [...]

Bringing your culture to life in Canada

From an interview with Lan Nguyen.   Eighteen years ago, Lan Nguyen was attending Hanoi-Amsterdam high school in Hanoi, Vietnam. She is an only child and had no intention of leaving her family, her home and the life she knew. One day her parents announced that she would be going [...]

CareerDecember 16, 2020

How to research and negotiate your salary: Tips and strategies

For newcomers in Canada, the initial phase of the job search can be very stressful. Once you successfully navigate the stages of creating a resume, cover letter, and nailing the interview, you’re only a couple of steps away from securing a job offer. An important aspect of accepting the job [...]

CareerDecember 4, 2020

Finding a job in Canada: Do’s and don’ts from a tech recruiter

From an interview with Paula Prado.   Originally from Brazil, Paula Prado is a tech recruiter specializing in cybersecurity. In 2018, she and her husband came to Canada by way of the U.S. They had been to Canada on vacation and knew that Canadians were nice, friendly, and there seemed [...]

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