Articles and resources on daily life in Canada and what to expect when arriving in Canada as a newcomer.

Daily Life in CanadaJuly 21, 2020

Getting familiar with the Calgary transportation system

The multicultural city of Calgary welcomes thousands of newcomers each year. One of your first priorities as a newcomer is to understand how to get around your new city. Calgary’s frequent and inexpensive public transportation system is a convenient way to travel while cutting down on car costs and reducing [...]

There is no ‘giving up’ in my DNA: Meet Maryam Sedaghi

From an interview with Maryam Sadeghi, CEO and Co-Founder of MetaOptima Technology.   The Arrive celebrates newcomer entrepreneurs in Canada series highlights some of the winners from the RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards. Those who are featured will share stories of leaving home, becoming an entrepreneur and finally feeling [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJuly 16, 2020

Getting around: How to buy or lease a car in Canada

Transportation is an essential piece of your life in Canada. Depending on where you live in Canada, you can either have access to multiple transportation options or be limited to a few. Whether it is public transit or your own car, all options have varied costs associated with them that [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJuly 16, 2020

How to use public transportation in Montreal

Getting around Montreal is inexpensive and easily accessible, thanks to the city’s efficient public transit system. Transportation is one of the first things you will have to figure out when you arrive in Canada. Whether you plan to commute to work, travel to school, or simply sightsee in a new [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJuly 15, 2020

Getting around Toronto by public transportation

The city of Toronto is Canada’s largest city, and is also home to many newcomers from across the world. Toronto is well-connected by public transportation and hence most people living in the city don’t feel the need to buy a car. Public transit in Toronto is one of the most [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJuly 15, 2020

Using public transportation in Vancouver

When newcomers first move to Canada, transportation is one of the first aspects of their new life that they need to figure out. In Vancouver, you can get to work, school, community centres, or the beautiful parks and beaches by using public transportation. This article will cover Vancouver’s easy-to-use public [...]

English as a second language: ESL resources in Canada

Language is a major hurdle for anyone starting a new life in a new country. Newcomers arrive in Canada with varying degrees of English proficiency. Some may have studied English back home, some may be fluent English-speakers, doing business internationally, while many more arrive with little or no English. In [...]

Getting around in Canada: How to get a driver’s license

Driving in Canada may be a new experience for some newcomers, as Canadian cities are often quite spacious with neighbourhoods far distances apart. Outside of Canada’s dense urban centers with advanced public transportation systems, driving is sometimes the only way to get around. Knowing the costs, time, and necessary paperwork [...]

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