Articles and resources on daily life in Canada and what to expect when arriving in Canada as a newcomer.

Getting around in Canada: How to get a driver’s license

Driving in Canada may be a new experience for some newcomers, as Canadian cities are often quite spacious with neighbourhoods far distances apart. Outside of Canada’s dense urban centers with advanced public transportation systems, driving is sometimes the only way to get around. Knowing the costs, time, and necessary paperwork [...]

Family health 101: What newcomers should know

Canada has a universal healthcare system that is paid for through taxes. In other words, basic healthcare services are free for Canadian citizens, and permanent residents as those costs are covered by the taxes paid. Each province and territory has its own provincial or territorial health insurance plans to facilitate [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJune 24, 2020

Arrive Conversations: Racial Justice

On June 12, Arrive’s product lead, Sonia Sidhu, hosted a conversation on racial justice with Chidimma Eghagha (RBC), Kern Carter (RBC Ventures), and Nadine Spencer (President of the Black Business and Professional Association). Listen in as they share personal experiences of systemic racism, optimistic insight into what is changing, and [...]

Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, you belong here

From an interview with Andreas Souvaliotis.   Andreas Souvaliotis is a highly successful entrepreneur, bestselling author and public speaker. He is a leading advocate for innovative approaches to address issues like public health, climate change, diversity and citizenship and is involved with immigrant-focused charities, the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, Windmill [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJune 23, 2020

Pre-arrival checklist for newcomers to Canada

While preparing to immigrate to a new country, there are many tasks to be completed to ensure a smooth transition. In this article, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive list of action items, grouped by timelines, to help you better organize and plan for your move to Canada.  [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJune 15, 2020

Turning over a new leaf: Our brand-new brand journey

Often, when we’re speaking with newcomers about their job search or networking in Canada, we talk about building your personal brand: It’s who you are, it's what you do, it’s what you stand for. This of course comes from the marketing world and the term “brand,” which can be described [...]

How to rent your first home as a newcomer in Canada

When moving to Canada, finding a place to stay is a top action item for most newcomers. As with any international travel, newcomers typically book their initial stay prior to arrival. And the preferred choice is usually a temporary accommodation (such as a hotel, hostel, or an apartment, condo or [...]

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