Articles and resources on daily life in Canada and what to expect when arriving in Canada as a newcomer.

Overcoming challenges to achieve Canada goals

From an interview with Hannah Mendonça, administrative assistant   Hannah Mendonça was a lawyer in Aracaju, Brazil. She left her successful career behind with her family and set out with her husband to start from scratch in Canada. She faced obstacles in her field, so she pivoted, and is now [...]

We are here for you

Hello, At Arrive, we know that coming to a new country is a highly emotional and stressful time. The COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) pandemic has made everyone’s lives a little more stressful. We understand that as a newcomer, your situation may be more uncertain and want you to know that all [...]

Healthcare in Canada: Basics for newcomers

One of the top reasons newcomers choose Canada as their new home is access to a publicly-funded universal healthcare system. In each Canadian province, a portion of the taxes paid by citizens and residents is utilized by the provincial government to administer health services. This enables eligible individuals to receive [...]

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