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Articles and resources on daily life in Canada and what to expect when arriving in Canada as a newcomer.

Healthcare in Canada: Basics for newcomers

One of the top reasons newcomers choose Canada as their new home is access to a publicly-funded universal healthcare system. In each Canadian province, a portion of the taxes paid by citizens and residents is utilized by the provincial government to administer health services. This enables eligible individuals to receive [...]

Chinese New Year: A time for family reunions

Written by Wendy Ma, Javascript engineer, Arrive.   Wendy Ma moved to Canada from China with her parents when she was in the 10th grade. Several years later, her parents returned to China while Wendy stayed to complete high school and earn a degree in computer engineering at the University [...]

How to make your dream home in Canada a reality

Having grown up in India watching as many Hollywood movies as Bollywood, Sean was fascinated by scenes featuring the classic North American house, with children playing in the backyard while the family enjoyed a lovely summer afternoon barbeque. Those images, along with the allure of a balanced life in a [...]

Daily Life in CanadaDecember 26, 2019

Holiday wishes from Arrive: Meet Tricia Jose

My name is Tricia Jose and I’m one of the co-founders at Arrive. My family and I moved to Canada from the Philippines when I was just two years old so I identify myself as a ‘first-generation Canadian.’ I have been a part of the amazing Arrive team since 2017! [...]

Daily Life in CanadaDecember 20, 2019

Holiday wishes from Arrive: Meet Angelique de Montbrun

My name is Angelique de Montbrun and I have been with Arrive for two years leading the team’s Marketing function. I’m first-generation Canadian, my parents are from Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. They, my mum and dad, immigrated to Canada to raise my siblings and myself but [...]

Daily Life in CanadaDecember 13, 2019

Holiday wishes from Arrive: Meet Lucas Mendonca

My name is Lucas Mendonca and I’m from Brazil. I moved to Canada as an international student in December 2017. After completing my education, I had the opportunity to intern with Arrive, an RBC Venture. This internship eventually led to a full-time offer with Arrive and I currently work in [...]

Daily Life in CanadaDecember 6, 2019

Holiday wishes from Arrive: Meet Sean Mathews

My name is Sean Mathews and I was born and raised in Mumbai, India. In 2003, I moved to the United Arab Emirates, and after spending a few months there, I once again moved: this time to Singapore where I spent the next 12 years of my life. Although Singapore [...]

Daily Life in CanadaNovember 29, 2019

Stay hopeful and persevere: Hannah’s story

My name is Hannah Kummer and I moved to Toronto in December, 2017 with my husband. We’re from Brazil, and back home we were both lawyers. With almost no knowledge of English or French, immigrating to Canada via the Permanent Residency (PR) route seemed like a distant dream – even [...]

Daily Life in CanadaNovember 22, 2019

Our Canadian adventure: Michael’s story

My name is Michael Bricout and I moved to Canada from France in July, 2017. I have a master’s degree in marketing and for a brief period, I ran my own entrepreneurial venture in France. Currently, I work as a Product Manager with Ampli, an RBC Venture. I have some [...]

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