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FinanceOct 15, 2019

Newcomer entrepreneurs: How to set goals for your business plan

Author: Joyce Pang [This post was adapted from BDC’s series for Entrepreneurial Success in accordance with Arrive’s upcoming webinar collaboration with BDC for newcomer entrepreneurs.] Establishing goals for your business plan involves reflection into what makes your business stand out, and what you want its future to be. Every business [...]

FinanceOct 9, 2019

Top 4 tips for newcomer entrepreneurs in Canada

This article was originally featured on the RBC Discover Blog Series and has been adapted for the Arrive Hub.  For newcomers wanting to start a business, there can be a few unique challenges in the beginning; limited contacts in Canada, language barriers, familiarity with business practices, and access to credit [...]

FinanceSep 19, 2019

Top four challenges faced by international students

This article was originally featured on the RBC Discover Blog Series.  Canada attracts students from all parts of the globe — China to India to Korea to France — making it a multicultural haven. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) student data, in 2018, there were 572,000 international [...]

FinanceSep 5, 2019

Arrive ‘Guides’: Your go-to resource for life in Canada

When moving to Canada, a majority of newcomers spend considerable time researching a variety of topics ranging from settlement to finance to career. This research typically involves general search queries on Google or talking to friends, family and acquaintances who have settled in Canada or scanning various online immigration forums [...]

FinanceAug 27, 2019

Investing in Canada 101: Planning for your future

Whether you are looking to purchase your first car, build an emergency fund, or save for your children’s tuition, investing is key to achieving your financial goals. Investing ensures present and long-term financial security for you and your family. In Canada, there are many investment options to help you save [...]

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