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StudyingMay 16, 2022

The best Canadian universities for law and legal studies

As an international student, getting a Canadian degree in law or legal studies can unlock exciting career opportunities. Whether you plan to practice law in Canada, enter the world of legal writing or academia, or gain exposure to international law, the world-class programs offered by Canadian universities can bring you [...]

CareerMay 13, 2022

How to achieve your goals within 15 months in Canada: Humza Khan’s Story

From an interview with Humza Khan, Banking Advisor, RBC Meeting Place. Humza Khan arrived in  Canada from Pakistan in February 2021 to join his wife, who was already living in Toronto. With six years experience in retail banking, dealing with people and building relationships, Humza set his sights on landing [...]

Living in Markham as a newcomer

Planning a move to Canada requires preparation and, as a newcomer, choosing where to settle will be one of your top decisions. Like many newcomers, you may be considering Toronto or one of its surrounding cities for your new home. As Canada’s largest metropolitan city, it promises a good quality [...]

Living in Mississauga, Ontario as a Newcomer

As you plan your move to Canada, Toronto and its surrounding cities may be on your list of potential places to live in. Most newcomers to Canada are drawn to metropolitan hubs since they offer a good quality of life, well-established job markets, cultural diversity, and inclusive environments. However, you [...]

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CareerApril 29, 2022

Finding the right tools to succeed in your life and career in Canada

From an interview with Damanjyot Talwar, Senior Product Manager, RBC Ventures. Damanjyot Talwar started his career in India as a software engineer. While working as a technical product manager at a global tech firm, Damanjyot participated in a worldwide hackathon sponsored by the company. His hack was unique, management liked [...]

Daily Life in CanadaApril 28, 2022

Living in Brampton, Ontario as a Newcomer

As a newcomer planning your move to Canada, choosing a city in which to settle is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Many newcomers to Canada consider moving to Toronto or a city in the Greater Toronto Area where they believe they’ll experience a good quality of life, [...]

FinanceApril 26, 2022

Prepaying your mortgage or loan as a newcomer in Canada

As you settle down in Canada, you may need a loan or mortgage to achieve some of your financial goals, such as buying a car or house or pursuing higher education. When you get a loan or mortgage, you tend to base your repayment schedule and terms on your affordability [...]

Banking for newcomers to Canada

Watch the Webinar Duration: 1 Hour As a newcomer to Canada, you can set the foundation for a secure financial future by learning how banking and finances work in your new home. You’ll need to understand the types of financial institutions and bank accounts in Canada and choose [...]

Daily Life in CanadaApril 20, 2022

Living in Greater Vancouver as a newcomer to Canada

As you plan your move to Canada, Vancouver and Toronto may be on your shortlist of potential cities to live in. Most newcomers to Canada are drawn to metropolitan hubs since they offer a good quality of life, well-established job markets, cultural diversity, and inclusive environments.  Often, smaller cities close [...]

HousingApril 18, 2022

Renting a basement apartment in Canada: Tips for newcomers

As a newcomer, the first step to settling down in Canada is finding long-term accommodation. However, renting your first home in Canada comes with several challenges. Since rents are fairly high in most Canadian cities, affordability may be an issue until you find a suitable job. In addition, most landlords [...]

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