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Job search checklist for newcomers to Canada

As newcomers start planning their move to Canada, one of the top concerns shared is related to job search and employment. The most common query we receive is how to be better prepared and/or find a job before landing. If you’ve decided on your landing date and are moving soon, check out Arrive’s easy-to-follow timeline and task list:

A newcomer researching job sites on his computer

16 weeks to arrival

Step One: Browse job sites like indeed.ca, monster.ca, LinkedIn jobs, and Glassdoor to look for potential opportunities that fit your profile

Step Two: Research the job market, Job Bank is a good place to start

12 weeks to arrival

Step Three: Based on the research, optimize your LinkedIn profile to reflect the in-demand skills sought by employers in your field. Watch the Arrive webinar on Winning LinkedIn Strategies for Newcomers

Step Four: Start building your portfolio/blog, if you have one

Step Five: Sign-up with various pre-arrival settlement agencies

Step Six: Register for in-person workshops held by CIIP in your home country

A newcomer setting up his LinkedIn profile
A newcomer graduating from college

10 weeks to arrival

Step Seven: Check the Job Bank and The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials for professional certifications/license requirements that may be required in the province you’ll be moving to

Step Eight: Check if any online certification courses are available to further strengthen your knowledge and skills (Lynda, Coursera, Udacity, Microsoft Technical Certifications, Microsoft Office Certifications, Hubspot Academy, etc.)

8 weeks to arrival

Step Nine: Work on your resume and cover letter. Learn how to write a resume and cover letter for the Canadian market, download free templates, and edit it to suit your requirements

7 weeks to arrival

Step Ten: Have your resume and cover letter reviewed by a 3rd party. Arrive can help with resume and cover letter reviews. Sign in to your Arrive account and schedule time to talk to our newcomer expert and/OR chat with a peer who can guide you through the process

2 weeks to arrival

Step Eleven: Start applying to jobs online

Step Twelve: Learn how to network and connect with industry professionals from your field on LinkedIn

Two professionals networking