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Canadian companies hiring during COVID-19 and other job search resources for newcomers

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has greatly impacted the economy and job market in Canada, but healthcare and the grocery delivery and retail industries are hiring to meet rising demand. At Arrive, our goal is to support newcomers in every way we can. From how to find a job during COVID-19 and beyond to newcomer employment in the time of coronavirus, we’ve published numerous articles around COVID-19 in the past few weeks to help you confidently navigate this challenging time. 

Here is a list of tools, resources, and employers who are hiring so you can continue your job search. We’ll update this list on a regular basis — check back often.  

Companies that are hiring in Canada amidst the coronavirus pandemic

Last updated: Aug 14, 2020


Industry: Retail

Company: Walmart Canada
Number of positions: 20+
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Warehouse and delivery workers, for stores and distribution centres 
Company: Save-On-Foods
Number of positions: 90+
Location: Western Canada
Role(s): Various, including personal shoppers, cashiers, clerks, and pharmacists
Company: Dollarama
Number of positions: Thousands
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Various, from store associates to managers
Company: Loblaws
Number of positions: 1,400+
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Various (including Operations, Distribution, Retail and more)
Company: Instacart
Number of positions: 300,000 (North America)
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Personal shoppers
Company: Goodfood
Number of positions: 60+
Location: Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario
Role(s): Various (including Operations, Logistics, Customer Support)
Company: LCBO
Number of positions: 120+
Location: Across Ontario
Role(s): Customer Service Representatives

You may be able to find more opportunities by phoning or emailing the grocery stores in your neighbourhood. 


Industry: Healthcare

Company: Dialogue
Number of positions: 20+
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Various, including nurse clinicians and practitioners, social workers and psychologists
Company: Alberta Health Services
Number of positions: Not Available
Location: Alberta
Role(s): Various, including nurses, doctors and technicians
Company: Apotex
Number of positions: 40+
Location: Across Ontario
Role(s): Various
Company: VON Canada
Number of positions: 250+
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Various (including Admin, Client Care, and Management)
Company: Sienna Living
Number of positions: 375+
Location: Across Ontario and British Columbia
Role(s): Various


Industry: Food & Beverages

Company: Pepsico Beverages Canada
Number of positions: 85+
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Various


Industry: Customer Service

Company: 24/7 Intouch
Number of positions: 400
Location: Winnipeg
Role(s): Customer service representatives


Industry: e-Commerce

Company: Amazon
Number of positions: 900+
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Various


Industry: Manufacturing

Company: InkSmith
Number of positions: Not Available
Location: Kitchner, Ontario
Role(s): Machine Operators, Assembly Line Personnel, Support & Administration


Industry: Engineering

Company: FNX-INNOV
Number of positions: 135+
Location: Quebec
Role(s): Various


Industry: Fashion

Company: SSENSE
Number of positions: 65+
Location: Quebec
Role(s): Various


Industry: Technology

Company: SOTI
Number of positions: 110+
Location: Across Ontario
Role(s): Various
Company: Ubisoft
Number of positions: 190+
Location: Across Canada
Role(s): Various

The Canadian COVID-19 list of hiring companies
A list of 2,000+ open positions compiled by HR leaders in the Canadian tech community.  

Resources for finding employment opportunities in Canada

BC JobConnect
A customized online tool connecting job-ready newcomers to employers in British Columbia.

We Work Remotely
A site that helps you find remote work opportunities. It is the largest remote work community in the world.  

The Help List
A tech talent list, created by the non-profit, The Help List, for those who are out of work due to the pandemic and are looking for any sort of employment in the technology sector. You can fill out a form to have your name added to the list. 

Skill-building resources and career tools for job seekers


Thrive offers software tools such as resume builder, job search software, networking tools and more to anyone looking for their next job opportunity. They’re currently offering a 3-month complimentary access to Thrive if you lost your job due to the impacts of COVID-19 or if your former employer has fewer than 50 employees. 


Provides free training, tools and templates for defining your career path, discovering your talents, crafting an elevator pitch and enhancing your interviewing skills to help you to succeed in your job search. 


Arrive offers free career and job preparation tools and resources such as articles, webinars, guides, and downloadable resume templates for newcomers in Canada. 


We hope that you find these tools and resources useful and that they motivate you to continue to stay optimistic. For those experiencing stress and anxiety, you can refer to some helpful resources for mental health and well-being.


You can use the following Arrive resources to prepare for your job search, even before you arrive in Canada

Arrive is with you every step of the way.