Arrive for Mobile makes it easier for you to connect with relevant people, and get support and guidance to help you achieve your life, career, and financial goals in Canada.

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Fast-track your success in Canada with Arrive for mobile

With relevant connections, career-focused workshops, professional and social networking events, Arrive provides the tools you need to help open doors to opportunities in Canada.

Now, with the Arrive mobile app you can make connections and build your network on the go!
Plus, you’ll have access to guides, articles, and resources to help you – all at your fingertips, all on your schedule.

Connect to opportunities no matter where you are in your career journey

Many jobs in Canada are acquired through connections: A friend of a friend knows someone who knows someone – who has a connection! Whether you want to get back into your field of work or start something brand new, building an active network that works is crucial.  No matter where you come from, where you settle, or where you are in your Canada journey, Arrive is your source for life, career, financial resources, and support – every step of the way.

“Arrive gave me the platform where I met my mentor,
who helped me land my first job in Canada.”

Anchal Sawney
Arrived December, 2018

Arrive for Mobile makes it easier for you to connect with relevant people, network and navigate the Canadian job market. You can chat with people in your industry who have similar interests and goals; share insights and experiences, and build better networks – together.  No matter if you’re on the train, at home or on en route to a coffee chat, staying connected and building meaningful relationships will get you closer to your career goals.

Arrive Ambassadors are here to help

You can also connect with Arrive ambassadors. They may be newcomers themselves who have experienced the same challenges you’re facing, or they may be Canadians who have only ever lived here but believe in helping newcomers. Each Ambassador draws from their own life experience – fully committed to sharing and helping newcomers achieve their goals by providing support, guidance, knowledge, and maybe even an introduction to someone in their own network.

Learn more about the culture of networking in Canada on the Arrive Blog and be better prepared for your career and life in Canada.

Small successes add up. Here are a few:

  • If you learned something about career and life in Canada that you didn’t previously know
  • If you were able to share your own experiences and lessons  to help another newcomer
  • If you scheduled a coffee chat, phone call or  meeting with one of your Arrive connections
  • If your connections helped you connect with someone else they know who might be able to help out
  • If your connections and networking lead to a job interview

Had an interesting coffee chat? or met a valuable contact through one of your connections on Arrive? Share your stories by writing to us at

The Arrive mobile app is available as a free download on the App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users.

Download now and start connecting!


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