Arrive for Mobile makes it easier for you to connect with relevant people, and get support and guidance to help you achieve your life, career, and financial goals in Canada.

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Connections are integral to helping newcomers get back into their field of work in Canada. The number one question we hear from our newcomer community is ‘How to land a job after arriving in Canada?’ It’s a good question, but not a simple one. A key element of securing meaningful work in Canada is to establish a strong network of meaningful connections – even before you arrive in Canada.

With Arrive for Mobile you connect, network and navigate the Canadian job market – all on the go! You can chat with people in your industry, build your network, and get relevant insights and guidance from Arrive Ambassadors. No matter where you are on your career journey, Arrive can help.

You’ll receive notifications for chats, career-focused workshops and clinics, professional and social networking events. Plus, you’ll have access to guides, articles and resources to help you – all at your fingertips, on your schedule.


Canada has a ‘hidden’ job market refers to positions that are filled without the employer advertising for it publicly. A report by Carleton University highlighted that as much as 65-85% of the jobs are not posted online.

This is why building meaningful relationships with people who can support you is crucial!

Arrive helps you build that network by connecting you with like-minded industry professionals on our platform.

As a newcomer in Canada, reaching out to professionals online and asking for help or guidance may seem challenging. With Arrive, you will receive new connections every week, making it easier to find people from your industry and connect with them! The introduction of Arrive’s mobile app makes it easier and more convenient to access these connections at any time.

Connections can help you get your foot in the door!

Arrive Connections are newcomers like yourself: Connect with other newcomers who may be at the same or at a slightly different stage of the newcomer journey. Share your own learnings and learn from others’ experiences, while building your social network in Canada, within the Arrive community!

Arrive Ambassadors are established working professionals from many industries: They are established industry professionals who are actively supporting newcomers on and off the Arrive platform. These are individuals who have been through similar journeys that you are currently going through, making them perfect role models and mentors to guide you and help you smoothly transition into the Canadian life.

Arrive Ambassadors are chosen based on a number of things, including high-quality tips and advice they provide, a strong career trajectory, domain expertise in the field, a detailed personal profile, an active and engaging method of communication, and a track record of supporting peers and taking initiative. They are volunteers who set aside some time from their busy schedules to give back to the community and help newcomers in Canada. To learn more about the Arrive Ambassador program, click here.

Whether you want to get back into your field of work or switch careers, connections and professional networks are key in helping you achieve your goals.

At Arrive, our goal is to help you reach yours.

The Arrive mobile app is available as a free download on the App Store for iOS users and Google Play Store for Android users.

Download it now and start connecting!


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