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As of 2018, the IRCC estimates that Canada has witnessed a double-digit growth of international students for the past three consecutive years, along with an overall increase of approximately 73% in the past five years. Canada is popularly known as a diverse and multicultural country – making it a popular destination for pursuing higher education and studies. Adjusting to campus life in a new country can be challenging; you may have plenty of questions  about academics, campus, and the general way of life in Canada. While it’s exciting to be studying in a foreign country, there might also be concerns about the unexpected. Being prepared can help ease the anxiety or nervousness. 

Here are four things for international students to consider when preparing for post-secondary life in Canada:

1. Get involved in campus life

Joining interest clubs or sports teams on campus are some ways of quickly adapting to campus life and making new friends.

2. Keep wellness top of mind

Juggling classes, assignments, and a social life can get hectic and adjusting to a new routine can take a while. Eating balanced meals, exercising regularly, and getting sufficient sleep are essential to keeping your mental and physical wellness on track.  

3. Use the available resources

Most of the resources such as access to academic guidance counselors and international student advisors are available for free on campus. They are there to help and assist students, so do take advantage of it when needed.  

4. Build a budget

Managing and keeping finances on track is an important part of every student’s life. For some students, this may be the first time you take charge of your finances. Try Arrive’s budgeting calculator to estimate your monthly expenses. 


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