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From the founders: Launching the Arrive campaign

Shikha Bhuchar and Tricia Jose, Co-founders at Arrive


My parents came to Canada when I was three years old with the promise of a brighter future for us here. As newcomers, they made many sacrifices coming to a new country, leaving many of their family and friends behind. I didn’t understand it at the time, but they gave up so much to give me all the opportunities I enjoy. I know Shikha’s parents experienced a similar journey of sacrifice, challenges, and survival jobs. This was the newcomer story.

So we decided to build a platform that would help every newcomer, no matter where they’re from, to find their career here, and do the work that they are truly passionate about – or get the tools they need to help them identify and pursue exciting new opportunities.

Arrive is close to our hearts. It’s all about connecting newcomers with the right people and resources so they can make their life, career and financial goals become reality. The first step, and certainly the first thing on every newcomer’s minds, is landing the job and launching a career.  So, we’re super-excited to launch our first offering, Arrive Connections: A dynamic professional and social network designed to help newcomers succeed in Canada.

Tricia Jose
Co-founder at Arrive


We will officially kick off the Arrive campaign at our exciting inaugural launch event on May 28th in Toronto! The evening begins with lightning talks from RBC leadership,  key newcomer support organizations, and the Ministry of Immigration. The focus of these launch lightning talks is the importance of newcomer success to RBC and to Canada’s economic prosperity, and how working together we can make it happen.

We are grateful and excited to have key participants join us to celebrate our launch, including:

  • Zubair Patel, Ministry of Immigration: Speaking to the importance of newcomers to Canada’s economy
  • Mike Dobbins, Chief Strategy & Corporate Development Officer: Talking about how RBC goes beyond banking for newcomers
  • Jean Koshy, Sandeep Kaher, Gaurav Agarwal – Ambassador Panel: Sharing insights, success stories, and the importance of  connections to their careers
  • Neelam Advani, Jane Chen, – RBC Newcomer Branches representatives: Speaking to the support and commitment to helping newcomers thrive financially
  • Annie Singh, TRIEC Mentoring Partnership: On how mentorship and connections are key to newcomer success
  • Jake Hirsch-Allen, LinkedIn: Addressing the need for support for newcomers in Canada

Before and after the presentations newcomers will have the opportunity to network with Arrive’s dynamic community of newcomers, recruiters, and professionals. It’s going to be awesome.

The event also marks the beginning of our exciting campaign to promote the service. Featuring the stories of real newcomers to Canada and their journeys towards making Canada home, each emotional story underscores the importance of networking and community support. It’s truly bringing our launch to life, and making it very real! We look forward to connecting with you there! If you can’t make it in person don’t worry, you can follow along on Facebook Live.

Shikha Bhuchar
Co-founder of Arrive




About Arrive

Arrive is powered by RBC Ventures Inc, a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada. In collaboration with RBC, Arrive is dedicated to helping newcomers achieve their life, career, and financial goals in Canada. An important part of establishing your financial life in Canada is finding the right partner to invest in your financial success. RBC is the largest bank in Canada* and here to be your partner in all of your financial needs. RBC supports Arrive, and with a 150-year commitment to newcomer success in Canada, RBC goes the extra mile in support and funding to ensure that the Arrive newcomer platform is FREE to all. Working with RBC, Arrive can help you get your financial life in Canada started – right now. Learn about your banking options in Canada and be prepared. Click here to book an appointment with an advisor.

* Based on market capitalization


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