I am a proud Canadian, born of Irish immigrants, and I work as a creative lead and writer on Arrive. 

For the most part, I tell stories, and as part of my job, I have the privilege of working with a group of amazing newcomers dedicated to helping newcomers. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing many newcomers and hearing their stories. All are dynamic, optimistic and courageous people who have come to Canada for a better life as my parents did so many years ago. 

Newcomers leave their families, friends, familiar faces and places behind to travel thousands of kilometres with the goal of establishing a new home and raising their families in the safe, open society that is Canada. Like so many of the newcomers I have spoken to, I believe Canada is the best place to live on the planet for a number of reasons, not least of which is the instinct or inclination Canadians have to help each other, no matter where in the world we come from. So I thought, maybe I could help too.

What is an Arrive Ambassador anyway?

Arrive Ambassadors are unique people – people from all walks of life – who have chosen to help newcomers on their journey to become successful Canadians. They help on their own time, on their schedule, in their own ways: by providing insight, guidance, support, reassurance or maybe even a connection or two from their own network. I feel like I can do that.

Not surprisingly, many Arrive Ambassadors are newcomers who have established themselves to varying degrees in Canada – they have arrived – more or less. One of the most common themes among newcomers who become Arrive Ambassadors is that they want to provide the guidance, support and reassurance that was not available (or limited) when they came to Canada. That help and guidance are available now through Arrive, and through the work of Arrive Ambassadors, both newcomers and now, increasingly Canadian born. Note to my compatriots: I will be reaching out.

Why become an Arrive Ambassador? We asked Arrive Ambassadors

People become Arrive Ambassadors for many reasons. Quite often, it is a desire to give back – helping newcomers because people helped them when they first came or paying it forward by helping smooth out some of the bumps they experienced – making it easier for newcomers today.

Here’s what a few Arrive ambassadors had to say on the subject:

When I came to Canada, some of the things that were being told or taught by immigration agencies were prehistoric. The advice was ten to fifteen years old. They were saying “Take that entry level job, just get a job.” So I thought, that’s a huge mismatch and that is what’s leading a lot of people to get into jobs which they don’t want to get into. I knew I could help. 

— Gaurav, RBC Commercial Banking
and Arrive Ambassador


As an Arrive Ambassador I want to give back. When I moved here, I did not have an ambassador to talk to. I started packing lipsticks, working for a painting company, and now I’m with one of Canada’s largest software information management cloud companies. So success is the present for me.

— Dhiti, Content Marketing Manager
and Arrive Ambassador


As a newcomer, I experienced cultural barriers, like resume format, elevator pitch and conversation style. Now I help newcomers get beyond those cultural barriers and more on their way to achieving their goals.

— Wanzi, Advisor, RBC Newcomer Meeting Place
and Arrive Ambassador


There is a real ‘feel-good factor’ being an Arrive Ambassador. You feel good about helping people. They feel good too – and you never know where they might end up.

— Aakanksha, RBC Business analyst
and Arrive Ambassador


I want to share my lessons of settling in as a newcomer to Canada with those experiencing the initial challenges of not knowing where to go and how to get started. I feel I owe it to those few people who helped me when I moved here. The cycle of goodwill must continue.

— Vasudha, Arrive Ambassador


I’d like to help newcomers fall in love with Canadian life as much as I have.

— Michael, Arrive Ambassador


The top line on being an Arrive Ambassador

As an Arrive Ambassador, you’ll play an integral role in a powerful network. You’ll encourage, educate and empower newcomers to reach their goals while having access to development tools and experiences that can help you reach your own career goals.

It all starts with connections. Each week you’ll chat with newcomers. These aren’t just weekly check-in chats, you’ll be starting truly meaningful conversations that will help build relationships and guide newcomers successfully toward their life, career and financial goals in Canada.

As an ambassador, you’ll have weekly chats with newcomers by logging into Arrive Connections. You’ll provide advice, ensure newcomers take advantage of Arrive resources, and generally help make their career journey a success. You manage your time, and commit an hour or so a week. 


You can encourage and reassure newcomers that their goals can become reality, even while they are dealing with the complexities of transitioning to a new country.


You know how to access the resources needed to help a newcomer develop their Canadian skills. Your insights can help guide newcomers as they navigate the Canadian job market.


You believe in empowering people. You are willing to open your network, to meet for coffee chats or even make an introduction to someone you know who can help.

Become an Arrive Ambassador now and build a more meaningful network

As an Ambassador, each week, you are connected with newcomers who have something in common with you. They may reach out to you and begin a conversation. You will be able to tap into your own experience as well as Arrive resources (guides, webinars and more) to help the newcomers you are matched with on their path to success in Canada.

We match our Ambassadors with Arrive users based on a few key parameters, such as industry and field of work, interests, and core motivations for using Arrive. This enables us to connect like-minded people who can learn, and share knowledge with one another, building newcomer confidence as well as stronger networks that will eventually pay off.


With the Arrive for mobile app, you can manage your valuable time more efficiently while helping others. 

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What to expect and what’s expected of an Arrive Ambassador

Arrive Ambassadors are committed to providing meaningful support and connections for Canada’s newcomers. Some of that support includes sharing experience and advice with community members on the app, participating in Arrive events, and sharing the latest news from our team on LinkedIn.

What you’ll do: 

  • Respond to newcomers who message you on the Arrive app.
  • To the best of your ability, share your experience to empower and encourage newcomers to meet their goals.
  • Speak as an individual on the platform.
  • Represent the Arrive mission in your networks.
  • Commit to a minimum of 2 hours per month.
  • Log in to the app on a weekly basis.

Other ways you might engage:

  • Connect with newcomers in person through coffee chats and at events.
  • Share your own newcomer experience on the Arrive blog.
  • Refer people from your network who you think would make great Ambassadors.

It’s easy to become an Arrive Ambassador

  1. Download the Arrive app
  2. Apply to become an Arrive Ambassador
  3. Sign in
  4. Complete your profile

Being an Arrive Ambassador promises to be a rewarding experience: I look forward to building relationships, creating opportunities and helping newcomers achieve their goals. It feels great just letting people know that I’m now an Arrive Ambassador, and I’m here to help. I hope you’ll join me.



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