Newcomers in Canada, especially permanent residents, are experienced and educated professionals who leave behind well-settled careers in their home country. A large motivator for newcomers is the hope to find relevant opportunities in their field of choice, or even a new industry. While some are able to find employment quickly, others take a while before they receive an offer that aligns with their expectations and aspirations.

Trying to navigate a new job market while settling-in can be overwhelming with all the tools and resources available on the internet. Arrive understands the pain points and challenges faced by most newcomers — we aim to not only help you be better prepared for the Canadian job market but also fast-track your career success. 

One of the ways we support you is with our newly launched Career Guide: a quick and concise overview that explains all the need-to-know information, and action items you can take to prepare yourself for finding and landing a job opportunity in Canada.  It covers a variety of topics such as resume advice, job search, and professional networking tips to ensure you get a head-start in finding relevant opportunities.

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