Arrive is a dynamic community of newcomers dedicated to helping newcomers. Our reason for being is to provide the support, guidance and resources every newcomer needs to achieve their career, life and financial success in Canada. The Arrive community continues to grow and become more vibrant as more and more newcomers succeed in building strong networks and launching their careers – with a little help from Arrive Connections. 

Through our own experience and what we’ve learned from other newcomers, we know how important personal financial success is to your life in Canada. Over the following weeks and months we will be sharing financial tips and information in our weekly blogs, providing handy online tools like a Canadian expense calculator, and hosting highly-informative webinars and workshops. First up, a webinar on Finances in Canada 101: What You Need to Succeed.

You’ll hear from newcomers and financial experts alike who will help guide you through what you can do now to get prepared.  Some of the questions they’ll answer include:

  • What is personal finance in Canada?
  • What is so different about finances in Canada?
  • How do I manage a budget in Canada?
  • What is Credit and how do I get a Credit Score?

Stay tuned for more information on how to register!

Arrive is supported by The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). With a 150 year commitment to newcomer success in Canada, RBC goes the extra mile in support and funding to ensure that the Arrive newcomer platform is FREE to all.  RBC is the largest bank in Canada* and one of the most respected banks in the world, employing 80,000 people worldwide.

Working with RBC, we can help you get your financial life in Canada started – right now. Have your bank account waiting for you.

*Based on market capitalization

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