One of the most important elements of financial success in Canada is a good credit score. Newcomers often find it difficult to get accustomed to the idea of building credit, and are often unsure which information to trust. Hosted by Arrive and RBC, the webinar — The importance of building good Credit in Canada helps you learn the ins and outs of building good credit in Canada and how to set yourself up for financial success. Our webinar featured  expert advice from Neelam Advani, Assistant Branch Manager at RBC, Wendy Ma, Software Engineer at RBC Ventures and newcomer to Canada, and Tricia Jose, Co-founder, Arrive. Key topics included: 

  • Types of credit in Canada
  • Basics of a credit score
  • Importance of a good credit score
  • Key components to building a good credit history in Canada

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Get started on the right foot with your credit in Canada. 

Figuring out your financial life in Canada is more than just finding a bank account, its also about finding the right partner to invest in your financial success. RBC is the largest bank in Canada* and here to be your partner to support your financial needs.

RBC supports Arrive, and with a 150-year commitment to newcomer success in Canada, RBC goes the extra mile in support and funding to ensure that the Arrive newcomer platform is FREE to all.

*Based on market capitalization

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