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How to buy your first home in Canada

Newcomers often dream of buying a home in Canada someday. Property purchase requires a large financial commitment and the willingness to take on the responsibilities of a homeowner. In Mortgages 101: How to finance your first home in Canada, we outlined the details of financing your first home. In this [...]

HousingStudyingAugust 11, 2020

How to find student accommodation in Canada

Securing housing for your arrival at university is generally at the top of every international student’s checklist. Finding a place that’s close to school, within your budget, and fits your needs may seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. This article will outline four options for accommodation for [...]

CareerStudyingAugust 5, 2020

Tips for finding work as an international student in Canada

Many international students choose to work throughout their post-secondary degree to help cover some of their expenses and gain Canadian experience. This can be accomplished through part-time work while you study, or through entering a co-op or internship program at your university, provided your study permit allows it.  In this [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJune 23, 2020

Pre-arrival checklist for newcomers to Canada

While preparing to immigrate to a new country, there are many tasks to be completed to ensure a smooth transition. In this article, we hope to provide you with a comprehensive list of action items, grouped by timelines, to help you better organize and plan for your move to Canada.  [...]

ImmigrationJune 18, 2020

Provincial spotlight: Introduction to Saskatchewan for newcomers

At the centre of the Canadian prairies lies the expansive and sunny province of Saskatchewan. This province is known for its agricultural production of wheat and canola, energetic football fans, and friendly rural culture. Saskatchewan is also known as the “Land of the Living Skies,” as its sprawling level landscape [...]

How to rent your first home as a newcomer in Canada

When moving to Canada, finding a place to stay is a top action item for most newcomers. As with any international travel, newcomers typically book their initial stay prior to arrival. And the preferred choice is usually a temporary accommodation (such as a hotel, hostel, or an apartment, condo or [...]

ImmigrationMay 21, 2020

Provincial spotlight: Introduction to Manitoba for newcomers

Canada has ten provinces and three territories – providing many options for newcomers to work, thrive, and find their own community. Just like each newcomer, each province and territory has its own unique identity and culture and seeks out newcomers who will fulfill their individual needs.  The provincial spotlight blog [...]

The benefits of volunteering as a newcomer in Canada

Volunteering is an integral part of Canadian culture. Children are encouraged to do it, and high school students must complete mandatory volunteer hours. Adults volunteer their time and skills at charities, non-profit organizations, political parties, religious faith organizations, youth groups, and many other places. According to Statistics Canada, in 2013, [...]

CareerCOVID-19April 6, 2020

How to find a job during COVID-19 and beyond

From an interview with Laurel Falconi, Manager of Corporate Engagement, ACCES Employment   Laurel Falconi has some good news for newcomers looking for a job in a COVID-19 market. As manager of corporate engagement at ACCES Employment in Toronto, she knows the Canadian job market and has tips to help [...]

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