Networking for newcomers to Canada

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What you’ll find inside

  • Introduction to networking: Learn what networking means in the professional context.
  • Importance of networking as a newcomer in Canada: Understand why networking is essential for your professional success in Canada, regardless of whether you’re waiting to get your first job or are already established in your career.
  • Networking platforms and tools: Understand the pros and cons of in-person and virtual networking and learn about the various networking platforms and channels you can leverage to build connections.
  • Networking tips and best practices: Learn ways to improve your networking skills and get proven tips to help you network better both in-person and virtually.

Building professional connections to achieve your career goals in Canada

Networking is an essential part of Canadian culture. No matter where you are in your professional journey, you’ll need a strong network to support and guide you throughout your career in Canada.

Even as a newcomer, your professional network will be one of your most valuable assets in the Canadian job market. Besides helping you find your first job in Canada, networking will give you an opportunity to understand the employment landscape, plan your career path based on insights from other professionals, and identify mentors who can guide you and offer moral support during your job search.

In Canada, between 65 to 85 per cent of job positions are never publicly advertised. Instead, they are filled through the recruiter’s network — this is called the “hidden job market”. Building a strong network can help you tap into this hidden job market for your first and subsequent career opportunities.

However, networking does not come naturally to everyone. This guide will explore the channels and platforms newcomers can use to build their professional networks. It will also help you understand the skills that you may need to develop and best practices you’ll need to follow in order to build strong, lasting professional connections.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is written for newcomer professionals at all stages of their careers. Whether you’re building your professional network from scratch to tap into Canada’s hidden job market or are looking to further your career prospects by finding a mentor, this guide will help you adapt to the Canadian culture of networking. 

Build your network for short and long term professional success in Canada

For many newcomers, restarting their career in Canada and adapting to the professional culture can be challenging. With only a fraction of all job openings being publicly advertised, landing your first job requires more than just a particular skill set. What you’ll need is a professional network that you can tap into to understand the Canadian job market and find inroads into the industry.

As a newcomer, you’ll likely need to start building your network from scratch, and that can take time and effort. In this guide, we’ll take you through the many advantages of networking, not just to find your first job in Canada but throughout your career journey. You’ll also benefit from the tips and best practices we share to help you network more effectively—both in-person and virtually.

The effort you invest in nurturing your professional network will pay off in the form of job referrals, career guidance, mentorship, and much more in the future. Thanks to virtual networking platforms, you can start connecting with professionals and cultivate meaningful relationships, even before you land in Canada.