How to find a job in Canada

For most newcomers to Canada, finding a job in their area of expertise is a key goal.  While some are able to obtain a job offer prior to moving to Canada, most find employment once they have landed. But whether you have landed in Canada or are still in the planning phase of your journey, there are many things that you can do now to prepare to land a job in Canada. The Canadian job market may work a little differently from what you’re used to back home. So now is a perfect time to prepare: Familiarize yourself with the places to look for jobs, the ways to expand your network to connect with the right job opportunity, and how to polish your virtual job interview skills.

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  • How you can prepare for your job search before arriving in Canada
  • How to position yourself as an ideal candidate
  • Tips to ace your virtual interview

Newcomers in pre- and post-arrival

  • Clem Leveau-Vallier, Head of Marketing, Arrive
  • Allison Lockett, Career Advisor, Canada Career Counselling
  • Dhiti Nanavati, Content Marketing Manager, OpenText

Approximately 1 hour