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Networking for a Job in Canada

Past Webinar

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Duration: 1 Hour

If you’re getting ready to start your job search in Canada, it’s important to understand the Canadian culture of networking. It’s estimated that 65-80% of job positions in Canada aren’t advertised publicly. Instead, they’re filled through the recruiters’ networks. As a newcomer, getting to know people and building your professional network from scratch can be a real challenge. Where do you even start? Right here.

We’ll discuss how to start building your network virtually and in-person and share tips on how to leverage your network to tap into the hidden job market  and achieve your career goals in Canada.

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What will you learn?

  • The benefits of networking for your job search
  • Establishing professional trust to build meaningful relationships
  • Tips for networking effectively through LinkedIn, coffee chats, and volunteering
  • Leveraging your network to apply for jobs

Who is this webinar for?

Newcomers in pre-arrival.


Shikha Bhuchar


Sonia Siddiqi

Online Services Coordinator
ACCES Employment

Chris Gonsalves

Chris Gonsalvez

Senior Manager of Sourcing
RBC Ventures

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