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Preparing for your first 100 days in Canada

Past Webinar

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Duration: 1 Hour

As a newcomer, your first few months will be crucial in laying the foundation for your new life in Canada. You’ll need to use this time to complete essential tasks like getting a Social Insurance Number (SIN), familiarizing yourself with your new city and its culture, understanding the financial system, and accelerating your job search.

If you’re moving to Canada as a permanent resident, you may have questions about various aspects of settling in your new city. How much money will you need for expenses? What are the things you should keep in mind while renting a house? How can you access public healthcare? And how can you find a job in your field in Canada?

 In this webinar, we cover budgeting and financial planning (including opening a newcomer bank account and building your credit score from scratch), finding long-term accommodation in your new city, adapting to your new environment, and kickstarting your career in Canada.

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What will you learn?

  • Current border restrictions in Canada
  • Budgeting, banking, and planning your finances
  • Essential tasks to do in your first week
  • Finding accommodation in Canada
  • Settling in and adapting to your new life
  • Navigating the healthcare and school system
  • Landing your first job in Canada

Who is this webinar for?

Newcomers who have been approved for permanent residence and are moving to Canada soon.

Who is this presenting this webinar?

  • Saumitra Newalkar, Senior Product Manager, Arrive 
  • Farah Mohammed, Banking Advisor, RBC
  • Ameer Ali, Newcomer to Canada