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Renting your first home in Canada

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Duration: 1 Hour

You’ve booked your flight tickets and are all set to move to Canada. Now you need to find a place to stay. Before you arrive, you can book temporary accommodation for your first few weeks or months. This will give you a chance to settle down, explore neighbourhoods in your new city, and start looking for a more permanent home in Canada.

Most newcomers rent a home in their initial years, but understanding the housing market and rental process can be overwhelming. You’ll need to choose between searching on your own or working with a realtor, select the neighbourhood you want to live in, and find an ideal home that meets your needs.


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What will you learn?

  • Booking temporary accommodation before you arrive
  • Types of rental accommodation
  • How to find your first home in Canada
  • Common challenges newcomers face while renting
  • Things to keep in mind before signing a lease

Who is this webinar for?

Newcomers to Canada in pre-arrival

Who is this presenting this webinar?

  • Miri Hysi, Product Lead, Arrive
  • Gloria Czomko, Real Estate Broker, Sutton Group Realty Systems Inc. Brokerage