CareerOct 26, 2022

Immigrating to Canada as an Entrepreneur: Start-up Visa Program

Canada is an attractive place for entrepreneurs to start or grow a business. If you’re an entrepreneur with an innovative business idea, you may be able to immigrate to Canada through the Start-up Visa (SUV) program. Although it is a competitive process, the opportunity to turn your idea into [...]

Moving to Canada as an entrepreneur

From an interview with Guy Hermann Feunou, Entrepreneur Guy Hermann Feunou was born and raised in Cameroon in west-central Africa. An entrepreneur and business owner, he decided to close his business and move to Canada for a fresh start in 2017. Five years after starting the immigration process, the 34-year-old [...]

CareerOct 19, 2022

How to get a job in Canada from India

For Indians hoping to settle in Canada, a Canadian job offer can considerably improve eligibility for various immigration programs and bring you closer to your dream of getting permanent residence (PR) in Canada. If you’ve already received a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR), you may be keen to find a [...]

StudyingOct 5, 2022

Best colleges in Canada for international students

Canada is a popular study destination for international students and, in 2021, over 500,000 study permits were issued by the government. Canada’s colleges and universities offer a high quality of education in various disciplines. The right college can help you build a strong academic foundation, prepare you for the job [...]

CareerSep 28, 2022

How to get a human resources (HR) job in Canada as a newcomer

Human resources (HR) is an important function in businesses across Canada as the need to attract and retain skilled workers continues to grow. Human resources professionals often play an integral role in establishing a company’s culture, training and retention, diversity and inclusion, and labour relations. Whether you are a seasoned [...]

CareerSep 22, 2022

How to get a marketing job in Canada as a newcomer

Marketing is a core function in most businesses in Canada, and marketing professionals are always in demand across industries. Whether you recently qualified as a marketer or have several years of marketing experience from your home country, moving to Canada can introduce you to a wide range of opportunities.  However, [...]

Moving to Canada from Ukraine under CUAET: What to expect

читайте це українською: Переміщення до Канади з України за програмою CUAET: Чого очікувати   Over the past months, Canada has welcomed over 82,000 newcomers fleeing the war in Ukraine, allowing them to make a fresh start in Canada. As you plan your move to Canada from Ukraine under the Canada-Ukraine [...]

ImmigrationSep 14, 2022

How to move to Canada from India

Canada is an attractive destination for newcomers from all over the world, and Indians are no exception. If you’re considering a permanent move to Canada from India, there are many reasons to support your choice. However, immigrating to a new country is a big decision, and you must weigh [...]

CareerImmigrationAug 24, 2022

How to immigrate to Canada as a lawyer

Lawyers are valued around the world for providing professional legal expertise in a wide range of fields that cross business, public service, and dispute resolution. Relied upon for skills in negotiation, advocacy, and problem solving, lawyers in Canada are highly regarded and can pursue countless career opportunities in the country.  [...]

CareerImmigrationAug 17, 2022

How to immigrate to Canada as an accountant

In today’s business world, accountants are not just the custodians of financial data but also trusted advisors whose knowledge and expertise inform business decisions across departments and industries. Qualified accountants are in demand in Canada, and there’s no shortage of opportunities in accounting, taxation, auditing, and financial management. Whether you [...]