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ImmigrationJanuary 10, 2023

Living in Hamilton, Ontario as a newcomer in Canada

As a newcomer moving to Canada, there are several factors you should consider before deciding which city to settle in. From the ease of finding a job in your industry to the cost of living and availability of amenities, your new home in Canada should offer everything you need [...]

ImmigrationDecember 25, 2022

How to show proof of funds for Express Entry: Immigrating to Canada

If you’re planning to apply for permanent residence (PR) through Express Entry, you must meet several eligibility requirements to qualify. In addition to demonstrating foreign work experience and proficiency in English or French, you may also need to prove that you have enough money to settle in Canada.  Newcomers [...]

ImmigrationDecember 8, 2022

How to bring your family to Canada as an international student

Living away from your spouse or children while studying abroad isn’t easy. If you plan to study in Canada, your immediate family members can accompany you to Canada for the duration of your study permit. Moreover, as an international student, your spouse or partner is also eligible for a [...]

ImmigrationStudyingOctober 12, 2022

Reasons for Canada student visa rejection and how to avoid them

As an international student, securing admission into a Canadian university or college is a major achievement. However, before you pack your bags and move to Canada, you must get a study permit. Canada welcomes international students because they strengthen the country’s future workforce and the higher tuition fees paid by [...]

Moving to Canada from Ukraine under CUAET: What to expect

читайте це українською: Переміщення до Канади з України за програмою CUAET: Чого очікувати   Over the past months, Canada has welcomed over 82,000 newcomers fleeing the war in Ukraine, allowing them to make a fresh start in Canada. As you plan your move to Canada from Ukraine under the Canada-Ukraine [...]

ImmigrationSeptember 14, 2022

How to move to Canada from India

Canada is an attractive destination for newcomers from all over the world, and Indians are no exception. If you’re considering a permanent move to Canada from India, there are many reasons to support your choice. However, immigrating to a new country is a big decision, and you must weigh your [...]

CareerImmigrationAugust 24, 2022

How to immigrate to Canada as a lawyer

Lawyers are valued around the world for providing professional legal expertise in a wide range of fields that cross business, public service, and dispute resolution. Relied upon for skills in negotiation, advocacy, and problem solving, lawyers in Canada are highly regarded and can pursue countless career opportunities in the country.  [...]

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