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FinanceJun 14, 2023

How credit cards work in Canada: FAQs for newcomers

As a newcomer, integrating into your new financial environment in Canada will be crucial for your long-term success. Often, this means learning about new financial products, how to use them, and incorporating certain best practices into the way you manage money. Canada is a credit-based economy, and people commonly [...]

FinanceMar 22, 2023

Canadian tax changes newcomers should know about in 2023

As a newcomer to Canada, it’s important you’re aware of Canadian taxation rules to file your tax returns accurately and take advantage of benefits and credits you’re entitled to. The Government of Canada introduced several new tax measures and modified some existing guidelines which you should know about for [...]

FinanceStudyingDec 25, 2022

Scholarship opportunities for international students in Canada

Pursuing a university or college education in Canada can open many career doors, but unfortunately tuition usually doesn’t come cheap. Tuition fees alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year, depending on your school and program of choice. In addition, international students in Canada spend anywhere between [...]

FinanceApr 26, 2022

Prepaying your mortgage or loan as a newcomer in Canada

As you settle down in Canada, you may need a loan or mortgage to achieve some of your financial goals, such as buying a car or house or pursuing higher education. When you get a loan or mortgage, you tend to base your repayment schedule and terms on your affordability [...]

Banking for newcomers to Canada

Watch the Webinar Duration: 1 Hour As a newcomer to Canada, you can set the foundation for a secure financial future by learning how banking and finances work in your new home. You’ll need to understand the types of financial institutions and bank accounts in Canada and choose [...]

FinanceApr 7, 2022

Lines of credit in Canada: What newcomers need to know

The Canadian economy is credit-based and financial institutions offer a wide range of credit products that people can use for different financial needs. As a newcomer, your first credit product will likely be a credit card, which gives you access to a relatively small credit limit and allows you to [...]

FinanceApr 5, 2022

Loyalty programs in Canada: What newcomers should know

As a newcomer settling into a new life in Canada, your expenses can quickly add up, sometimes making it harder to save for longer term financial goals. Customer loyalty programs can be a useful tool to help you save money, stick to a budget, and enjoy perks at the places [...]