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CareerFinanceMar 2, 2020

SMART goals for new Canadians: How to succeed with confidence

Uprooting your life in the country where you were born and raised and moving to a new place, a new country is challenging and takes immense courage. Newcomers choose to come to Canada for a myriad of reasons: Some make the journey to escape violent environments, others come to expand [...]

FinanceFeb 3, 2020

McGill personal finance essentials – free online course

In our recent article Understanding Credit in Canada: A Closer Look, we talked briefly about credit (borrowing money from a financial institution) and more about the 5 Cs of Credit in Canada: Character, Capital, Capacity, Collateral, and Credit. However, credit is only one aspect of finance in Canada. It’s equally [...]

Mind over money: How to budget for student life in Canada

You are not alone. Every year several hundred thousand students arrive in Canada with hopes and dreams of graduating from some of the internationally acclaimed schools and universities located in various Canadian provinces. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) highlighted that at the end of 2021, more than 600,000 [...]

FinanceHealthcareJan 13, 2020

Newcomer’s guide to understanding insurance in Canada

Insurance is an assured and secure way to protect yourself and your family against risk. As a newcomer, based on the experiences in your home country, you may have a fair idea of certain types of insurance. Familiarizing yourself with insurance options in Canada is an essential part of [...]

Budgeting 101 for newcomers: How to plan and manage your finances

 It takes commitment, determination and resolve to leave one’s home country behind to start a new life in Canada. It takes planning and preparation to make it a truly successful journey. There are important things to consider before leaving: documentation, accommodation, healthcare, transportation, food and clothing, insurance, schools and [...]

FinanceJan 3, 2020

How to transfer money securely to, from, and within Canada

As a newcomer in Canada, ensuring you have access to the money you’ve brought in from back home is important not only from the perspective of landing formalities at the airport but also to pay for basic goods and services: the ride to your accommodation from the airport, groceries, [...]

FinanceJan 3, 2020

Credit in Canada: What every newcomer needs to know

When coming to any new country, newcomers are met with a whole new set of rules, products and ways of doing things. In Canada, most newcomers will be taken by surprise when asked about credit and credit scores and the important role they play in Canadian life – even [...]

FinanceHousingJan 3, 2020

7 ways to plan your finances and arrive prepared in Canada

Every year Canada welcomes an increasing number of permanent residents (PRs), international students, and temporary foreign workers. Canada’s current multi-year immigration plan will see approximately 350,000 PRs enter the country by 2021. Whether you’re planning to move to Canada in the next few weeks or the [...]

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