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FinanceJul 31, 2020

How to open an international student bank account in Canada

Managing finances, budgeting, and paying school fees are important tasks in every student’s life. As an international student in Canada, one of the things to get you started with your finances is opening a bank account.  In this article, we will guide you through the process of opening an account [...]

FinanceJun 1, 2020

Newcomer entrepreneurs in Canada: How to fund your business

Money and financing are essential to start up and run any business. There are a lot of one-time costs and recurring expenses involved in running a business; having the money to take care of those will fast-track growth and profitability.   In our previous article, Newcomer’s guide to starting your [...]

FinanceMay 25, 2020

Savings and investments for newcomers in Canada: What you need to know

Moving to a new country may involve starting afresh personally, professionally and financially. As you strive to settle in and establish a strong financial foothold in Canada for you and your family, it becomes increasingly important to have financial goals.  Previously, we shared an overview of how goal setting [...]

Arrive COVID-19 guide for newcomers to Canada

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an unprecedented global event. It has changed the way we live, work, and connect with each other. As countries strive to contain the disease and flatten the curve, no matter where you live, social distancing, self-isolation and good hygiene practices are now our new normal. Many [...]

COVID-19FinanceMar 30, 2020

Newcomer in Canada? All you need to know about EI and CERB

It’s a challenging time for many Canadian businesses as so many have had to limit their operations or shut down temporarily and downsize their workforce in the wake of measures to control the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  As an employee and a newcomer in Canada, you may qualify for [...]

FinanceMar 9, 2020

First job in Canada? 5 things you should know about your salary

Newcomers move to Canada with many dreams, aspirations and goals, both personal and professional. For most of them, finding a job is a top priority and getting a job offer is a milestone in the journey of settling successfully in Canada. As important as it is to understand how to [...]

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