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FinanceApr 7, 2022

Lines of credit in Canada: What newcomers need to know

The Canadian economy is credit-based and financial institutions offer a wide range of credit products that people can use for different financial needs. As a newcomer, your first credit product will likely be a credit card, which gives you access to a relatively small credit limit and allows you [...]

FinanceApr 5, 2022

Loyalty programs in Canada: What newcomers should know

As a newcomer settling into a new life in Canada, your expenses can quickly add up, sometimes making it harder to save for longer term financial goals. Customer loyalty programs can be a useful tool to help you save money, stick to a budget, and enjoy perks at the places [...]

FinanceMar 28, 2022

How to manage your finances as a newcomer couple in Canada

As a newcomer couple to Canada, you’ll make many important decisions together as you settle into your new life. While it’s not always easy to agree on every issue, one area of particular importance is how you manage your finances together. This is especially key in your initial years in [...]

FinanceMar 26, 2022

How to open a bank account in Canada as a newcomer

When you move to a new country as a permanent resident (PR) or an international student, having access to your savings is not only essential but also critical. Starting (or restarting) your life in a new place is intertwined with your financial journey, making it important to understand the [...]

FinanceMar 25, 2022

What’s a good credit score for newcomers in Canada?

Many newcomers are surprised by how important credit is in Canada’s financial system. Unlike countries where people generally only take credit when needed and being in debt is often considered bad, the Canadian economy is credit-driven and credit is used even for regular everyday purchases. In [...]

FinanceMar 23, 2022

How to invest in Canada as a newcomer

Financial goal-setting is an important step in your journey as a newcomer. As you start to plan for the future, investments can be a good way to put your savings to work and grow your wealth. The money you invest can grow significantly over time and provide you with long-term [...]

FinanceMar 7, 2022

Understanding payroll deductions as a newcomer in Canada

Before you start your first job in Canada as a newcomer, it’s important to keep in mind that the salary you negotiate is not what you get in your bank account at the end of each pay period. Your employer is required to make certain deductions from your gross income, [...]

FinanceMar 2, 2022

How to choose a Canadian bank account as a newcomer

 During your first few days as a newcomer in Canada, you will need to complete certain tasks to set the foundation for your long-term financial success. Opening a bank account and applying for a credit card should be a top priority on your list.  The Canadian banking industry [...]

FinanceOct 27, 2021

How to make the most of Canadian cash back apps as a newcomer

As a newcomer in Canada, saving money will be an important priority for you. Whether you’re on a tight budget or setting money aside for a medium-term goal, even small savings on your day-to-day purchases can add up to a substantial amount over time. One way of increasing your savings [...]

FinanceOct 21, 2021

How to register a business in Canada: Business regulations for newcomers

Starting a business in Canada is a dream for many newcomers who’ve moved here to build a better professional and financial future for themselves. If you’re planning to start your journey as an entrepreneur, you’ll first need to understand the rules and regulations for owning a business in Canada.  [...]

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