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CareerNov 20, 2023

How to know if a Canadian job interview went badly

As a newcomer, interviewing for a job in Canada can be an overwhelming experience. You’ve crossed so many hurdles to get this far in the hiring process, from researching the employer, determining that this job opportunity is right for you, and crafting the perfect resume that made it through [...]

CareerOct 4, 2023

How to use LinkedIn to get hired: Tips for newcomers to Canada

If you’re a recent newcomer to Canada or are moving here permanently soon, your sights are likely firmly set on finding your first job in Canada. You’re probably already speaking to people you know in Canada for career advice or looking for job search resources online. And one thing all [...]

CareerSep 6, 2023

How to leverage job fairs to land your first job in Canada

As a newcomer, landing your first job in Canada is a huge accomplishment, but getting there is no easy task. The process—from searching for employment opportunities to preparing for interviews—can be daunting and time-consuming. Job fairs can be an opportunity to consolidate your search efforts and shorten the time [...]

CareerAug 10, 2023

10 in-demand trade jobs in Canada for newcomers

Canada faces a significant shortage of tradespeople across many occupations and industries. The government’s Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) helps attract experienced tradespeople from different parts of the world to live and work in Canada permanently and bridge some of these labour gaps. Unlike in some countries where trades [...]

CareerJul 19, 2023

How to use the STAR method to ace your job interview in Canada

As a newcomer to Canada, getting to the interview stage in your job search after weeks or months of networking, reviewing job listings, and submitting resumes can be exciting. Now, you’re much closer to landing the job you want, but there are still a few crucial steps left.  [...]

CareerJul 12, 2023

How to write a post-interview thank you note in Canada (with examples)

You just wrapped up your first big job interview in Canada. Things went quite well, but there are still many steps to go, and the employer is likely still meeting other candidates. As the hiring manager shortlists candidates for the second and third rounds of interviews, your objective should [...]

CareerStudyingJul 5, 2023

Networking 101: How to network as an international student in Canada

As an international student planning to work in Canada after you graduate, building your professional network will provide the support you need during your job search and as you progress through your career. Depending on your personality, networking can either sound exciting or overwhelming. Regardless of how you feel [...]

CareerJun 28, 2023

10 newcomer tips to find a job in Canada

Finding your first job in Canada as a newcomer isn’t always easy. Navigating your way through a new job market and work culture requires preparation and dedicated effort. Whether it’s building your network, perfecting your resume, or getting some much-needed Canadian experience, there’s a lot you should be [...]

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