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CareerOct 4, 2019

Winning as an immigrant entrepreneur: Gelaine’s story

My name is Gelaine Santiago and I’m a social entrepreneur, an online storyteller, and a passionate advocate for diversity and ethics in business. I was born in the Philippines and my family immigrated to Canada when I was three. I was recently named one of RBC’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants [...]

CareerSep 30, 2019

Networking effectively to build your personal brand

In our recent blogs, we’ve written about the meaning of personal branding, the process of creating a personal brand, and discussed one of the most important assets of personal branding—an elevator pitch. As a newcomer in Canada, networking events present you with a great opportunity to showcase your personal brand [...]

CareerSep 27, 2019

Patience and persistence paid off settling in Canada: Mudit’s story

My name is Mudit Sadana and I moved to Canada in July, 2019. I am a software engineer with over six years of experience in developing high performance, high availability, mission critical software systems using web technologies. During my journey to Canada, I was constantly told that the job market [...]

CareerSep 6, 2019

Iterate and learn with each job application: Komal’s story

My name is Komal Preet Kaur; I’m from New Delhi, India and I moved to Canada in October 2017. I have a Masters degree in Operations Research from the University of Delhi and over a decade of experience in data analytics — marketing, collections, and credit risk analytics working with [...]

CareerSep 2, 2019

How to craft an impressive elevator pitch to enhance your personal brand

As a newcomer in Canada, you might feel nervous while introducing yourself at professional networking events or at job interviews. However, being well-prepared with an ‘elevator pitch’ will help calm those nerves!  Elevator pitches, as the name implies, are short (20-30 seconds or approximately 75 words) introductory speeches to [...]

CareerFeb 26, 2019

Job search checklist for newcomers to Canada

As newcomers start planning their move to Canada, one of the top concerns shared is related to job search and employment. The most common query we receive is how to be better prepared and/or find a job before landing. If you’ve decided on your landing date and are moving soon, […]

CareerJan 22, 2019

Webinar: How to master your interview and get the job

Job interviews are an excellent opportunity for potential employers to find the best candidate who fits the role and has skills that align with company needs. At the same time, interviews are also a good medium for candidates to meet with the employer, ask questions, and gauge if they like […]

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