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CareerDec 29, 2021

Most in-demand jobs in Ontario for newcomers

Ontario is one of the most popular provinces among newcomers. Its cultural diversity, economic prosperity, and ever-growing job market are just some of the reasons newcomers from across the world choose to settle in Ontario.  The government of Ontario periodically invites newcomers with the skills and experience to meet the [...]

CareerDec 23, 2021

The recipe for success in Canada: Hard work and perseverance

From an interview with Mitchell Cabrera. Mitchell Cabrera is a co-owner of The Night Baker, home of Toronto's best soft and chewy cookies. But he wasn’t always a baker. Mitchell graduated with honours from a prestigious university in the Philippines, with a double major in chemistry and computer engineering. He [...]

CareerDec 20, 2021

Questions to ask the interviewer in a job interview: Tips for newcomers

As a newcomer, landing your first job in Canada requires a lot of preparation and patience. Before you start applying to job openings, you’ll need to invest time in crafting a Canadian-style resume, perfecting your elevator pitch, and building your professional network. Even with all this work, it can sometimes [...]

CareerDec 10, 2021

Moving to Canada, moving between provinces, and moving your career forward

From an interview with Aishwarya Bhavsar, Senior Marketing Manager, MoveSnap, RBC Ventures. When Aishwarya Bhavsar enrolled at university to study engineering in India, she quickly learned two things: An engineering degree wasn’t for her, and she was a natural networker. So she applied her extroversion into organizing events, eventually moving [...]

CareerDec 9, 2021

10 resume mistakes to avoid when applying for jobs in Canada

As a newcomer to Canada, applying for your first job can be stressful. The recruitment process may be different from what you’ve experienced back home and it can take some time to understand what will make your application stand out in Canada’s competitive job market. As you look for [...]

CareerNov 26, 2021

Understanding Canada: Get comfortable getting out of your comfort zone

From an interview with Amit Chauhun. Amit Chauhun is an account manager/project manager who works at a Toronto advertising agency and handles a large telecom client. In this role he’s had to learn the ins and outs of his client’s vast portfolio of products and services. As a newcomer from [...]

Moving to Canada: Culture shock and pleasant surprises

From an interview with Tunji Oyebola-Adeosun, Senior Manager, Enterprise Strategy and Transformation, RBC. Tunji Oyebola-Adeosun is an analytics guy, football fan, and avid chess player. He’s currently Senior Manager, Enterprise Strategy and Transformation at RBC. In Nigeria, Tunji battled recurring bouts of typhoid and malaria until 2017, when he finally [...]

CareerOct 28, 2021

Tips on safely returning to the workplace during COVID-19

Over the past two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many Canadians have worked remotely. With over 81 per cent of Canadians fully vaccinated against COVID-19, employers and companies are slowly reopening workplaces and accepting employees back into the office.  But as a recent newcomer to Canada, you might have mixed [...]

CareerOct 22, 2021

Bash on regardless: Reinventing yourself to succeed in Canada

From an interview with Vivek Duggal Vivek Duggal is a seasoned marketing communications professional—a consummate ad guy, with over 18 years agency experience in India and Dubai, including leading a team of 25 at one of India's largest agencies. When he decided to come to Canada just over three years [...]

CareerFinanceOct 19, 2021

How to invest in a franchise business as a newcomer to Canada

The franchise business model can be an attractive option for newcomers in Canada. Investing in a franchise business allows newcomer entrepreneurs to capitalize on an existing brand and expand a business that already has a proven track record of success in Canada. However, the initial set-up and ongoing costs [...]

CareerFinanceOct 12, 2021

How taxes work for small business owners in Canada

As a newcomer, there are many advantages to becoming an entrepreneur or small business owner in Canada. Whether you’re buying an existing Canadian venture or starting a new business, you’ll have the opportunity to scale your business, create a sustainable source of income, and be your own boss.  However, [...]

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