Articles and resources on finding a career in Canada.

CareerOct 7, 2021

12 top skills in digital jobs that Canadian recruiters seek

The field of digital marketing is one of the most promising for newcomers in Canada today, as it requires a unique combination of creativity and analytics. This makes room for  all kinds of specialists, from developers and programmers to social media managers and copywriters.  With the increasing popularity of the [...]

CareerSep 1, 2021

Networking tips for newcomers to Canada

As a newcomer, networking can be your gateway to the Canadian job market. It gives you an opportunity to understand the employment landscape, plan your career path based on insights from other professionals, and identify mentors who can guide you and offer moral support during [...]

CareerAug 26, 2021

How to network virtually: What newcomers in Canada need to know

Newcomers to Canada already faced an uphill task of adjusting to their new life and starting a career in Canada, but COVID-related restrictions made things even harder. However, after an initial period of adjustment, virtual networking and remote job interviews have become the norm.  Now, even with COVID-19 restrictions easing [...]

CareerAug 23, 2021

12 tips to help you build your networking skills in Canada

Your professional network will be one of your most valuable assets in the Canadian job market. Whether you’re trying to land your first job or are looking for a mentor, your network can play an important role in helping you achieve professional success in Canada. As a newcomer to Canada, [...]

CareerAug 20, 2021

8 reasons why networking is essential for your career in Canada

Starting a new career in Canada can be overwhelming for newcomers. Even if you’ve arrived in Canada with previous work experience, the way to approach the job market here may be different from your home country.  As you start to familiarize yourself with the professional culture in Canada, you will [...]

When opportunity knocks: creating a new life in Canada

From an interview with Nilson Junior, Senior Growth Marketing Manager, RBC Ventures. Nilson Junior is Senior Growth Marketing Manager with Ownr, an RBC Venture dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in Canada start, manage, and grow their business. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising and Marketing from the [...]

CareerJun 24, 2021

Bridging Programs: What Are They & How They Work

While moving to Canada can open the door to exciting career opportunities, unfortunately many professional certifications earned abroad aren’t recognized here. Some newcomers find they need additional training or education to continue their careers in their new home. Bridge programs help with this. They assist newcomers who already have a [...]