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Arrive COVID-19 guide for newcomers to Canada

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an unprecedented global event. It has changed the way we live, work, and connect with each other. As countries strive to contain the disease and flatten the curve, no matter where you live, social distancingself-isolation and good hygiene practices are now our new normal. Many of the measures implemented by authorities have impacted newcomers.

This guide provides essential must-know COVID-19 information, resources, and expert tips and advice that can help you make informed decisions for your specific situation. You’ll find useful tools and resources to help you maintain a positive state of mind and stay motivated, so you can advance your job search, stay connected, adapt to the new (temporary) normal, and prepare for a successful new life in Canada.

What you’ll find in the COVID-19 guide for newcomers:

  • Overview of the COVID-19 situation in Canada
  • Impact of the pandemic on newcomers: pre and post-arrival
  • Reliable sources to stay informed during COVID-19
  • How to prepare your job search before coming to Canada
  • How to find a job during COVID-19
  • Tips for staying connected while social distancing
  • How to network virtually
  • Advice and recommendations for mental health and coping
  • Ways to support your local communities


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