Newcomers move to Canada with many dreams and goals. Some of the top reasons for choosing Canada include having a better quality of life, improved future for themselves and their family, and access to better education and work opportunities. 

Many of these goals are closely linked to being able to find a stable source of livelihood in Canada. One of the top concerns newcomers have is the scope of their profession or occupation in Canada or a specific Canadian province/city. The reasons are obvious – financial security and stability, and the opportunity for career advancement. 

There is no direct or definitive answer to the scope or demand of any occupation in Canada. However, there is a process that you can follow to better understand the job market, the industry you work in, plan your career, and make decisions driven by data, facts, and numbers. 

This guide provides an overview of the tools and resources required to analyze the job market in Canada along with detailing out the process for analysis thus enabling you to make informed decisions and plan your career path. 

Supported by candid insights from on-the-ground recruiters, this guide covers 14 industries with detailed information on:

  • The job market in Canada
  • Steps you can follow to analyze each industry/sector
  • Certifications and licenses that may be required for your role in Canada
  • How to set your salary expectations 
  • The process of finding a job in your field 
  • The hiring process in Canada 


Featured industries/sectors include: 

8.  Healthcare
9.  Creative Arts and Design
10. Logistics and Supply Chain
11. Fitness, Sports, and Recreation
12. Travel and Tourism
13. Education
14. Legal

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