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Untapped potential: Canada’s immigrant wage gap (Part 1)

Author: Joyce Pang


Recently, RBC Economics’ published a report titled, “Untapped Potential: Canada needs to close its immigrant wage gap” — this is the first blog of our three-part series, examining the findings of the report, and elaborating on the progress that can be made, and opportunities for newcomers in Canada.

Over the years, Canada has become one of the world’s most popular destinations for immigrants – with a legacy of acceptance and opportunity propelling us forward. Our reputation as a diverse and economically stable country has attracted many immigrants who wish to call it home, and the right place to build a future. However, often the journey to successfully settling down isn’t always easy, as newcomers face a myriad of complex problems that range from adapting to the culture to landing a job.

One of the main issues newcomers face today is the immigrant wage gap. In RBC’s Economics report, the study showcases that the earnings gap has reached a new high, with immigrants earning 10% less on average than Canadian-born workers. As a result, those who arrive in Canada often find themselves in entry-level positions below their education levels and at lower wages.

Reading through the earnings gap may be intimidating, but as a newcomer, the good news is there are many steps you can take to increase your chances of succeeding in the labor market through networking and connections. For our team at Arrive, we see this report as fuel for the work we do, and the mission we live and breathe every day – to support newcomers in achieving their goals in Canada.

One of the battles to overcome, is the hesitation some employers may have when hiring newcomers, no matter how impressive your skill and education in another country may be. Networking with the right people allows you a path to be visible to employers who don’t yet know your capabilities or who you are – and allow you to introduce yourself in a genuine way. Connecting with the right people will often allows you to tap into the hidden job market to find meaningful employment in Canada.

In our next blog, we will discuss more about the “untapped potential” of immigrants, the source of the wage gap, and what it means for Canada.