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A taste of home for Indian newcomers in Calgary

Moving to Canada can come with a mixed bag of emotions. On one hand, the idea of starting a new life in this beautiful country can be exciting. On the other hand, it’s natural to miss some aspects of your home country. The good news is Canada is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. Living here, you’ll have ample opportunity to share your heritage and continue traditions that bring you joy. 

If you’re an Indian newcomer moving to Calgary, you’ll find it easy to stay connected to your community and cultural roots. 

We asked some newcomers from India who now live in Calgary for their recommendations on places to visit for food, cultural events, and daily support to help you smoothly transition into your new life in Canada.  

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Indian restaurants in Calgary 

For many newcomers, food is their biggest reminder of home. Calgary has many authentic Indian restaurants that come highly recommended by those we interviewed: 

Indian grocery stores in Calgary

In a city as diverse as Calgary, it isn’t hard to find the groceries you need for Indian cooking. Most local grocery chains have dedicated aisles for Indian items, however for traditional ingredients that are harder to find, try one of these grocery stores:

Indian shopping and cultural events in Calgary

In Calgary, there are clothing shops like Bhatia Cloth House that specialize in Indian garments. If you’re looking for traditional jewellery, Sonali Jewelers has been around since the 1970s.

For cultural events, Facebook groups are a great place to start. You can connect with other Indian newcomers living in Calgary and find out where they go for entertainment. You can also find a list of Indian events happening in Calgary at Sulekha.com

Places to worship across Calgary 

Calgary offers many options when it comes to worship. Regardless of your religion, you’ll find a space for prayer and community building at one of the following local temples, churches, mosques, or community centres. 


  • BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, 3688 48 Ave NE
  • Hindu Society of Calgary, 2225 24 Ave NE


  • Guru Ram Das Darbar, 5225 84 St NE
  • Gurdwara Darbar Sri Guru Granth Sahib, 3710 Westwinds Dr NE #24 


  • Calgary Islamic Centre South West, 5615 14 Ave SW 
  • Islamic Association of Northwest Calgary, 7750 Ranchview Dr NW #23 


  • Calgary Life Church, 11400 27 St SE 
  • Calgary Punjabi Christian Church, 3851 54 Ave NE

Finding daily support for Indians in Calgary 

From accessing childcare services to getting help finding a job, here are some organizations dedicated to giving you the support you need to get acclimated to life in Calgary: