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A taste of home for newcomers from the Philippines in Vancouver

Moving to Canada is an exciting phase of your life, but, even as you embrace your new life here, it’s perfectly normal to miss some things from your home country. One of the qualities that sets Canada apart from other countries is its multiculturalism. As a newcomer, you’ll never have to look too far to find cultural elements that remind you of the Philippines. 

Vancouver is known for having a strong Asian influence. If you’re a newcomer from the Philippines living in Vancouver, you’ll feel right at home amidst familiar experiences that reflect your culture. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with a growing community of Filipino newcomers that can help ease your transition into your new home. 

We asked some newcomers from the Philippines already living in Vancouver about their favourite places to eat, enjoy cultural events, and find daily support to better adapt to life in Canada. Here’s what they had to say: 

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Filipino restaurants in Vancouver

Vancouver has a rich culinary history, and that includes some incredible Filipino restaurants. You’ll have no problems finding foods to make you feel like you’re back in the Philippines. Here are a few recommended spots:

Filipino grocery stores in Vancouver

You’ll find all of the ingredients you need to make your favourite Filipino dishes in the stores listed below. The newcomers we spoke with also mentioned that, for basic Filipino ingredients, you can try the Real Canadian Superstore. 

  • Tatak Pinoy Filipino Store 
  • Aling Mary’s Filipino Store and Bakery
  • Halo Halo Sari Sari Store 

Filipino shopping and cultural events in Vancouver

There are two major Filipino cultural events that happen in Vancouver. In August, the Pinoy Fiesta Vancouver takes place in Lower Vancouver and, in June, the Philippine Days Festival is celebrated in North Vancouver. Both events celebrate Filipino culture through arts, food, and outdoor events.  

The best place to look for regular events and meetups is online. You’ll find several Facebook groups for Filipino newcomers in Vancouver and their members can recommend places to go for entertainment. 

Places to worship in Vancouver

The Filipino churches in Vancouver host prayer services along with several community events and outreach opportunities. They’re a place you can visit not just to worship, but to connect with and be part of the broader community. 

  • Broadway Church, 2700 E Broadway 
  • Filipino Fellowship Baptist Church, 849 E, 11th Avenue

Find daily support across Vancouver

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