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Phone providers in Canada: A comparison of perks offered by Bell, Rogers, and Telus

Canada has some of the most expensive mobile service prices in the world. And often no matter which big telecom company you go with, prices will pretty much be the same. In this article, we will provide an overview of the perks and offers they offer so you can decide which brand you think works best for you (aside from the plan price).

Rogers, Bell and Telus are the big three telecommunication companies in Canada. We found some services and features you may or may not have heard of and hope they help you make a more informed decision. 

Perks of being a Bell customer

1. Wi-Fi in your car

Bell is the only network in Canada that offers built-in WiFi (LTE) solutions in your vehicle. That means you can stream movies and download images and files with the same freedom as you would in your own home.  

2. Special promotions and offers

Sign up for a connection from Bell and get the first three months of your rate plan for free, plus a $120 CAD ($40 CAD per month over 3 months) towards a new device with a new small business activation.

3. 5G ready

Bell claims to be Canada’s fastest 5G network. And with their preparation for a full deployment of 5G over the next few years, Bell is in position to be the primary provider of a technology that can potentially change the lives of Canadians in spaces as divergent as health and gaming. 

Perks of being a Rogers customer

‍1. Extended Coverage

Even though Rogers has an extensive network, there are spots that they don’t cover. If you ever find yourself outside of a Rogers network area, Extended Coverage takes over and you’re able to talk and text. There will be some limitations to other features such as name display and 411 network assistance. 

2. Referral programs that can save you $300 CAD a year

You can earn a $50 CAD bill credit for each friend that you refer who becomes a new Rogers Wireless customer. Your friend will also get a $50 CAD bill credit after activating their service. With this program, you can save up to $300 CAD a year when you refer multiple friends.

3. 5G ready 

Rogers has expanded their 5G network to more than 150 new cities and towns, reaching over 10 million Canadians and making the Rogers 5G network the largest in Canada. Rogers is continuing to develop its 5G technology which will allow for ultra-low latency (no lag time) and the ability to download, stream and upload large amounts of data at higher speeds than ever before. 

4. Other offers

Subscription deal for Rogers customers: Subscribe to Crave + Movies + HBO and get 50% off your first four months. 

Perks of being a Telus customer

‍1. Awarded best mobile coverage in Canada 

Telus won the J.D Power Award for the best network coverage in all of Canada. That means it’s been recognized as having the most reliable coverage of any communications company. If your phone is a big part of how you stay entertained, communicate and even work, then you have the network that won’t let you down. 

2. Earn points and redeem for various rewards

TELUS Rewards is a free program that enables eligible TELUS customers to earn points on their monthly bill and redeem them for amazing rewards. You can redeem your points towards items like Amazon Gift Cards, Calm subscriptions, the latest tech, and more. Plus, get access to perks from brands like Nintendo and Big White Ski Resort, exclusive to TELUS Rewards members. If you have two or more eligible TELUS products and/or services in British Columbia or Alberta, you qualify for TELUS Rewards.

3. Donates over 1 million volunteer hours every year 

If you want to be aligned with a company that is doing some good, this might be the provider for you. Telus has been active in giving back to the communities they serve, including regularly donating over 1 million volunteer hours year after year. Telus chooses to focus most of its giving on health, education, and the environment.   


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