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International students in Canada: 2020 school year update

Under normal circumstances, hundreds of thousands of students would be packing up now to come study at one of the internationally acclaimed universities and colleges in Canada. Adapting to a post COVID-19 world makes the 2020 school year anything but normal. New and returning international students are facing great uncertainty. Some struggle just to get to Canada due to travel restrictions, while others wonder what the educational experience will be like and how changes will affect their prospects of living and working in Canada.

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  • What to expect upon arrival, including your 14-day isolation
  • How to address and budget for your financial needs as a student
  • How learning and campus life will adapt to the post-COVID world
  • What you need to know about working during and after your studies in Canada

New and returning international students.

  • Sonia Sidhu (Arrive)
  • Vazhan Prakash (RBC)
  • Erin Wight (Interim Director, MacEwan University)

Approximately 1 hour and 11 minutes