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A taste of home for Chinese newcomers in Toronto and the GTA

As a newcomer settling into your new life in Canada, there may be times when you miss your country and home culture. It’s totally normal. What makes Canada so special is it welcomes all cultures and traditions and, no matter where you are in the country, you’ll always be able to find things that remind you of home. 

Toronto, in particular, is Canada’s most diverse city. If you’re a newcomer from China living in or around Toronto, you’ll find it easy to stay connected to your heritage, traditions, and community. We spoke to some newcomers from China living in and around Toronto, and asked them to share their favourite places to eat, shop, enjoy their culture, and find daily support, so you can quickly adapt to life in your new city while getting a taste of home.

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Chinese restaurants in Toronto and the GTA

Chinese food is everywhere in Toronto from the core of the city to the outskirts, like Scarborough and North York. According to the newcomers we interviewed, you can try a different Chinese restaurant every day of the year and enjoy each one of them. Here are some of the favourites:

Chinese grocery stores in Toronto and the GTA

Many neighbourhoods in and around Toronto, such as Kensington Market, Gerrard Street East, Yonge and Sheppard, and parts of Scarborough, have local markets where you can find ingredients for Chinese cuisine. Here are some of the more popular markets that have multiple locations: 

  • T&T Supermarket 
  • Winco Food Mart 
  • Bestco Food Mart 
  • Nations Fresh Food

Chinese shopping and cultural events in Toronto

Most big cities in Canada have one Chinatown, however, Toronto has several. The Chinese community is lively in Toronto and you can participate in cultural events and festivities across the city. The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto is a hub for Chinese events and culture where you can find everything from music festivals and lantern ceremonies to creative workshops at the centre. 

The Chinatown Business Improvement Area (CBIA), which has a mandate to “preserve the Chinese heritage and culture […] and to create exciting community events,” is in the heart of Chinatown in downtown Toronto.  

If you’re looking to connect with other members of your community, you can start by looking for them on WeChat. Many local newcomers are active on the platform and are happy to recommend places to visit. 

Places to worship across Toronto

As a newcomer, you’ll find several places to worship across the city, such as: 


  • Chamshan Temple 
  • Toronto Buddhist Church 


  • Chinese Presbyterian Church 
  • Toronto Chinese Alliance Church 

Find daily support in Toronto 

As you begin to settle down in Toronto, you may need some extra support to adapt to life in Canada. You can find cultural support, skill-building workshops, employment resources, and other day-to-day support in the places listed below: