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Get to know Canada with these 7 famous Canadian TV shows

If you are thinking about moving to Canada, or you have already started planning your journey, you are probably curious about Canadian culture. You may be familiar with a few Canadian stereotypes, such as “All Canadians are polite,” or “Everyone in Canada plays hockey.” While there’s certainly some truth to both of those statements – there is so much more to learn about Canada. 

In this article, we have compiled a brief list of TV shows that can help you learn about the diverse culture and history of Canada. If English isn’t your first language, you may also find these shows helpful for practicing your English and becoming familiar with various Canadian accents. Canada does have two official languages, English and French, so we have included Canadian content in both of these languages. 

Did you know? 

Canada’s big cities, beautiful landscapes, and cheaper production costs attract many Hollywood TV and film producers, so many American shows and films are actually filmed in different areas of Canada. As Canadian and American cultures are similar in many ways and consume much of the same media, you may sometimes find it difficult to tell if a show or movie is set in Canada or the United States. For your reference, all of the content provided below is set in Canada.

Famous Canadian TV shows

Tip: Turning subtitles on while you watch movies or TV is a great way to support your comprehension while you are practicing your English or French.

Kim’s Convenience

Setting: Toronto, ON, in the present day

Where you can find it: Free on CBC Gem, available for paid streaming on Netflix

Description: Kim’s Convenience is a sitcom about the Korean-Canadian Kim family that runs a convenience store in the Moss Park neighbourhood of Toronto. This show is a funny look at the dynamics between different generations of newcomers running a business in one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Schitt’s Creek

Setting: The fictional small town of Schitt’s Creek in the present day

Where you can find it: Free on CBC Gem, available for paid streaming on Netflix

Description: This popular comedy follows an affluent and out-of-touch family who loses everything and is forced to move to a small town, Schitt’s Creek, in the middle of nowhere that they had originally bought as a joke.

Corner Gas

Setting: The fictional town of Dog River, SK, in the mid-2000s

Where you can find it: Amazon Prime Video, CTV Comedy Channel

Description: Corner Gas is a comedy surrounding the operator of a gas station in rural Saskatchewan. This show is beloved by many for its honest and hilarious look at small-town life in Canada. 

Anne with an E

Setting: Prince Edward Island at the turn of the 20th century

Where you can find it: Free on CBC Gem, available for paid streaming on Netflix

Description: This series is inspired by one of the most famous Canadian novel series of all time, “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery. It follows the adventures of young Anne, a curious and bright orphan who moves into a new home on beautiful Prince Edward Island. There are a few other TV and movie adaptations of “Anne of Green Gables,” of which this show is the most recent.


Setting: A ranch near the Rocky Mountains of Alberta in the present day

Where you can find it: Free on CBC Gem, available for paid streaming on Netflix

Description: Heartland is a drama series depicting teenage Amy’s move to the Heartland ranch, her family relationships, and her special ability to heal and train injured horses.

Rookie Blue

Setting: Toronto, ON, in the present day

Where you can find it: Amazon Prime Video

Description: This fast-paced police drama focuses on the experiences of five rookie police officers starting their careers in the city of Toronto.

Série Noire

Setting: Quebec in the present day

Where you can find it: tou.tv

Description: A French-language comedy-drama based on two TV writers who decide to get some real crime experience to spice up their police drama show.

Tip: Tou.tv and Club Illico are paid streaming services for French-language Canadian TV where you can find all genres of French-language shows and movies.


This list is only a sample of Canadian media that is available on the internet. If you enjoy these shows, there is still so much more to explore about Canada that you can find online with a quick search, including Canadian movies, books, and podcasts. You can also continue learning about modern Canadian culture and politics by keeping up with current events on Canadian news outlets or online radio shows.

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