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Arrive ‘Guides’: Your go-to resource for life in Canada

When moving to Canada, a majority of newcomers spend considerable time researching a variety of topics ranging from settlement to finance to career. This research typically involves general search queries on Google or talking to friends, family and acquaintances who have settled in Canada or scanning various online immigration forums for authentic and reliable information as well as first-hand experiences. While researching, finding credible sources is a well-known challenge especially with financial or career topics.

At Arrive, we understand the issues faced by newcomers and strive to provide authentic resources to ease the transition into Canadian life. As part of this effort, we recently launched Arrive Guides: downloadable PDFs with a comprehensive overview of a variety of topics for your career and financial life in Canada. Our Guides are quick reference, easy to understand, and around focused topics to empower newcomers, like yourself, with all the knowledge to set yourself up for success. 

What are Arrive ‘Guides’?

Arrive Guides offer a quick and concise overview of all the need-to-know information and action items related to a specific topic. They are also excellent sources of tips, advice, insights and first-hand experiences from other newcomers, designed to simplistically educate, speed up your research and save time! 

Arrive’s Finance Guides

From Banking To Budgeting: A Quick Guide 

This guide provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the banking system in Canada. It details the process and documents required to open a bank account, along with some useful tips and advice to plan for your initial months in Canada. The guide is informative and offers practical insights from real newcomer stories in areas such as rent, transportation, and insurance. 

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Credit And Credit Scores In Canada: What You Should Know 

This guide provides an overview of the different types of credit available. It explores different scenarios where newcomers need to provide a credit score, dives deeper into how to build a good credit history and shares practical tips on maintaining a good credit rating. With information about the five Cs of Credit in Canada: Character, Capital, Capacity, Collateral, and Credit, the Arrive credit guide is an incredibly useful resource for any newcomer! 

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Arrive’s Career Guide

Finding Your Career In Canada: A Quick Guide 

This guide outlines all the details and action items you can take to prepare yourself for finding and landing a job opportunity in Canada.  It covers a variety of topics such as resume advice, job search, and professional networking tips to ensure you get a headstart in finding relevant opportunities.

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