Newcomers wanting to start their own business in Canada face some unique challenges, such as lack of familiarity with business practices, access to funding for the business and a limited professional network. Presented with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), this informative webinar  focused on foundational steps you can take to plan out set yourself up for success as a newcomer entrepreneur in Canada.

Key topics in the webinar:

  • Getting started on your business plan
  • How to finance your business
  • Resources and programs available for newcomers
  • Tips and recommendations for setting up for business
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  • Landed newcomers – PRs
  • Shikha Bhuchar, co-founder of Arrive
  • Sharon Connolly from BDC’s Newcomer Entrepreneur Success team
  • Clarinda Andes from RBC’s Business Accounts team

Just over 45 minutes