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ImmigrationMay 13, 2020

Provincial spotlight: Introduction to Alberta for newcomers

Canada has ten provinces and three territories – providing many options for newcomers to work, thrive, and find their own community. Just like each newcomer, each province and territory has its own unique identity and culture, and seeks out newcomers who will fulfill their individual needs.  The provincial spotlight blog [...]

CareerMay 11, 2020

Canada job market analysis: Information Technology (IT)

Technology is a growing sector in Canada, driving employment and innovation. With approximately 37,000 companies and $160 billion CAD in revenue, the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) terms the IT industry as the engine of growth and people often refer to Toronto, one of the IT hubs of Canada, [...]

Overcoming challenges to achieve Canada goals

From an interview with Hannah Mendonça, administrative assistant   Hannah Mendonça was a lawyer in Aracaju, Brazil. She left her successful career behind with her family and set out with her husband to start from scratch in Canada. She faced obstacles in her field, so she pivoted, and is now [...]

FinanceJanuary 3, 2020

How to transfer money securely to, from, and within Canada

As a newcomer in Canada, ensuring you have access to the money you’ve brought in from back home is important not only from the perspective of landing formalities at the airport but also to pay for basic goods and services: the ride to your accommodation from the airport, groceries, etc., [...]

FinanceHousingJanuary 3, 2020

7 ways to plan your finances and arrive prepared in Canada

Every year Canada welcomes an increasing number of permanent residents (PRs), international students, and temporary foreign workers. Canada’s current multi-year immigration plan will see approximately 350,000 PRs enter the country by 2021. Whether you’re planning to move to Canada in the next few weeks or the next few months, being [...]

CareerOctober 30, 2019

Untapped potential: Canada’s immigrant wage gap (Part 3)

Author: Joyce Pang This is the last blog of our three-part series on RBC Economics’ recently published report “Untapped Potential: Canada needs to close its immigrant wage gap”. In the first blog, we talked about how networking can help newcomers succeed in the labour market. In the previous blog, we [...]

Arriving at Toronto Pearson Airport as a newcomer

After months of preparation and immigration paperwork, arriving in Canada is a dream come true for most newcomers. But this is just the beginning, and some of your settling-in processes start right at the airport. If you’re landing in Toronto directly, your flight will likely arrive at the Lester B. [...]

FinanceApril 5, 2022

Loyalty programs in Canada: What newcomers should know

As a newcomer settling into a new life in Canada, your expenses can quickly add up, sometimes making it harder to save for longer term financial goals. Customer loyalty programs can be a useful tool to help you save money, stick to a budget, and enjoy perks at the places [...]

ImmigrationMarch 9, 2022

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP): Immigrating to Canada

Newcomers play a huge role in Canada’s continued economic success. In fact, Canada relies on immigration programs to attract foreign talent and bridge gaps in the local labour market. Over the last few years, the government has introduced several new immigration programs, including Provincial Nominee Programs and the Rural and [...]

CareerFebruary 25, 2021

5 ways to speed up your job search as a newcomer moving to Canada

While preparing to move, one of the priority action items on many newcomers’ to-do lists is to find a job for their new life in Canada. Most accelerate their job search efforts only after they physically move and settle in. However, did you know that you don’t have to wait [...]

CareerOctober 29, 2020

Job search in Canada: 10 things you can do in pre-arrival to prepare

Moving to a new country and restarting your career takes patience and a growth mindset. It is essential to research and network in order to adapt to local norms, understand industry best practices and get back into your field of work.  Investing some time and effort in preparing for the [...]

CareerOctober 27, 2020

5 tips to ace your virtual job interview

There’s a visible shift happening in the job market globally and in Canada: adherence to COVID-19 preventive guidelines have led many organizations to move to a remote model, either temporarily or permanently. Previously, a majority of job interviews were in-person. More companies are now leveraging technology and video conferencing apps [...]

Daily Life in CanadaJuly 21, 2020

Getting familiar with the Calgary transportation system

The multicultural city of Calgary welcomes thousands of newcomers each year. One of your first priorities as a newcomer is to understand how to get around your new city. Calgary’s frequent and inexpensive public transportation system is a convenient way to travel while cutting down on car costs and reducing [...]

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