StudyingJun 7, 2023

Pre-arrival checklist for international students: Studying in Canada

Moving to Canada as an international student can be both exciting and overwhelming. This may be the first time you’ll be living abroad, all on your own. And with that freedom comes a great deal of responsibility. From submitting your study permit application to figuring out student housing and [...]

CareerImmigrationMay 24, 2023

How to immigrate to Canada as an engineer

As Canada’s economy grows, the demand for engineers across various fields has increased. Engineers in Canada are well-respected for their knowledge and the role they play in shaping the future of infrastructure, information and communication technology, environmental sustainability, manufacturing, and more. Whether you recently qualified as an engineer abroad [...]

CareerMay 17, 2023

How to find agriculture jobs in Canada as a newcomer

Each year, thousands of foreign workers are drawn to Canada’s farming sector. As a foreign resident, getting a farming job in Canada can be a great opportunity to multiply your earnings, enjoy a good quality of life, and contribute to the growth of Canada’s agriculture industry.  Although the primary [...]

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ImmigrationMay 10, 2023

How to apply for a Working Holiday Visa for Canada

Canada is a popular travel destination for foreign residents who want to experience the country’s natural beauty and friendly culture. If you’re a young person looking for an adventure abroad, a Working Holiday Visa is an excellent way to explore Canada’s diverse landscape and multiculturalism, while also earning money [...]

CareerMay 4, 2023

Most in-demand jobs in Quebec for newcomers

As the only primarily French-speaking province in Canada, Quebec is culturally distinct from other provinces and territories. For many Francophone newcomers, settling in Quebec is an obvious choice and the province welcomes between 30,000 and 50,000 newcomers each year. The provincial government invites newcomers with the skills and experience [...]

ImmigrationMay 3, 2023

How to show proof of funds for Express Entry: Immigrating to Canada

If you’re planning to apply for permanent residence (PR) through Express Entry, you must meet several eligibility requirements to qualify. In addition to demonstrating foreign work experience and proficiency in English or French, you may also need to prove that you have enough money to settle in Canada.  Newcomers [...]